I have been working as a music designer for a long time. My first little steps into the world of music creation were made at the beginning of the nineties. Inspired by progressive, pioneering people like Brian Eno, Juan Atkins, David Bowie and Kraftwerk, I felt the urge to take the path of music myself. After a lot of experimentation in my homestudio, I started to study Music technology on the art school of Utrecht, graduating after 6 years in electronic and computer composition. During my studies I worked as a DJ and producer in house and techno music, releasing vinyl on several UK labels.

After graduation, a cooperation started with Rob Gaasterland which continues until the present day. Together we have been focussing on producing, writing and performing all kinds of dance music, in particular: drum&bass (Project2000), lounge, chill, electro jazz and soulful house (Adani&Wolf, Praful, Bo Geste). Together we operate under the names of our alter ego’s: Adani&Wolf.

Besides these activities I have always composed a lot of electro-acoustic music. That could be either autonomous or for film, dance and video projects. In particular the projects with video artist Irma de Vries, which have developed into an intensive collaboration in recent years. In these projects almost everything that inspires me in composition and production comes together in an imaginative symbiosis: sampling and synthesis, abstraction, accessibility, musique concrete, soundscape-design, sound and melody counterpoint, spectral and spatial processing, beat-creation, etc.

Since 2008 I work as a teacher and coordinator at the CMS department (Composition, Music and Studio Production) of the Prins Claus Conservatory.